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UCL Summer Graduations

Congratulations to each and everyone of the graduates who enjoyed the “air-conditioned splendour” of the Festival Hall last week. It was our pleasure to meet you and your families and enjoy the multi-cultural and multi-layered experience that is a modern graduation.
We hope that whatever you choose to do next in your career/studies is a great success!

Today in the news we hear that applications to Universities from UK/EU students are declining for reasons that are, in our view, not hard to fathom.
We must all use whatever influence we have to ensure that the experience you enjoyed last week continues to be available to all people from all backgrounds to enhance and enrich our society.

Finally, more prosaically, we are now feverishly processing your orders as a result of the graduations and aim that they are all despatched within 28 days of the ceremony.

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