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Election Day in the UK

Tomorrow we go to the polls and those of us at FCH towers who can vote will do so with little enthusiasm for the process and less for the candidates.

Britain has spent 4 years arguing with itself to resolve an issue that nobody cared about in the mistaken belief that resolution will lead to Nirvana. Fear not, those who have so misled the public are now the only people we can trust to “get it done” so all will be well.

In the meantime we have had 9 years of austerity and the subsequent devastation of our public services and Britain has become a hopelessly divided nation.

What has this got to do with our business and customers;everything and nothing simultaneously. As one example, we are a small business that happens to export hundreds/thousands of small packages every year. Put simply, despatching in the UK is relatively straightforward, despatching in the EU is pretty easy and despatching beyond the EU is more challenging and expensive. In each case the costs to our business and our customers increase.

As a result of the uncertainty surrounding our trading relationship with pretty much anywhere in the world, we reluctantly will increase our shipping costs to cover the increased costs of our major couriers. By how much and when, we do not know, despite the need to offer clarity to our customers. We have also taken in extra stock of items we buy from beyond the UK to ensure we can meet demand as it arises.

All of this is small beer of course and does not affect life-threatening drugs or international security. However it does affect our customers and it does impinge on our business costs. This is being repeated thousands of times up and down the down the country with the same increased costs and uncertainties we outline.

This is completely ignored and obfuscated by our fearless leaders who have embarked on this political voyage into the darkness.

In the meantime we will get on with offering the best possible service at the best possible prices to our customers. Inevitably the service will be more complex and more expensive for both us and our European customers. For this we apologise but it is the reality that is being glibly ignored or lied about in so much of the public debate.

We thank every single customer with whom we have worked in 2019 and look forward to working with customers all over the world in 2020.


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