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Unusual Circumstances

We never thought we would be writing an update about a pandemic but here we are doing just that!

Over many years we have interacted either face to face or via this website with thousands of customers all over the world;without exception everyone of them is affected by this dreadful situation.

We wish every one of them good health and the hope that tomorrow will be better than today.

On a purely prosaic note, it is looking very likely that there will be no Graduation Ceremonies this summer in the UK. Clearly, on the grand scale, this is only a minor consideration. However for those graduating and businesses like our own it brings distinct challenges. Hopefully the situation improves in the not too distant future and all those who may miss out this year get a chance in the future.

We will continue to sell our goods worldwide and hopefully to the usual high service standards. None of us know how trade will be affected but, at this time, all delivery options remain open, if maybe a day or two slower than before.

Good luck and good health and let’s be optimistic that we will all learn to live in a more sustainable way and learn that we all share one fragile planet with our neighbours

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  1. Hello,

    You apparently are still active, despite the dreadful circumstances. I have never received the order I placed in January during my graduation ceremony. Could you please get back to me? I’ve written countless emails over the last 3 months, but you seem to have ignored them.

    • Julien

      I am sorry, this comment/email has never reached our attention. Please email me at mark.louch@sensebdl.co.uk and we can try and resolve matters. We are still working but the Goldsmiths Graduation in January 2020 was the last Graduation of the year

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