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Customer Service for our EU buyers

We have written elsewhere on this site about the stupidity of the UK’s Brexit decision. Sadly, it is done and irreversible in the short term.

Personally we have many issues but in this blog we are only concentrating on the business issues and how it directly affects our ability to service you, our customers.

Between Jan-June 2021, all our orders to the EU have been subject to additional delays, bureaucracy and cost. In all cases we have attempted to smoothe the issues for our customers. In the most extreme case, A Greek order, this has cost us in excess of 300 Euros, over 30 emails and a huge amount of time. We are not alone in these problems, with all distance sellers to the EU badly affected.

From July 1st, the rules of trading become even more onerous and, in truth, may render trade non-viable.

We are determined to carry on trading and to continue to serve our valued EU customers. Therefore, for the next 3 months, until September , we will try to manage all orders on an individual basis unless it is absolutely impossible to do so. At the end of that period we hope to have either opened a mainland EU subsidiary or found an appropriate and profitable way to trade.

In the meantime, thank you for your continued business. We apologise for explaining the issues in this way but feel it is important that all our customers are aware of the very real obstacles that have been put in the way of small traders like ourselves.

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