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a Happy New Year to all our customers around the world. Despite everything we trust that you are keeping well and managing in these difficult days.

The last two years have been challenging from a business perspective for everyone; we all know the challenges and do our level best to continue to offer great products and services.

One self-inflicted challenge for us as a UK-based business is the continuing nonsense that followed the UK leaving the EU (Brexit). As predicted, it causes huge difficulties for our business, and as of January 2022 this gets harder as the true regulatory and practical nightmare of selling products to our European customers unfolds.

We are determined to still offer the highest service levels and our great products to customers everywhere. We have spent years building our business and reputation and will not allow it to be destroyed by a wanton act of political vandalism. We are of course not alone in this and many traders have stopped buying and selling with the EU.

For all EU customers, a few points to make:

  • We continue to offer our full range
  • We will keep you informed, as best we can, of how your order is progressing; please do include your email and phone contact details.
  • We will maintain prices at the lowest possible level; however shipping costs have risen hugely since December 202o as a result of Brexit
  • There will be “possible” delays and “possible” Duties to be paid. These are variable by courier and country and sadly an inevitable consequence of the Brexit deal

Sorry to be concentrating on this subject at the start of 2022. Hopefully you will stick with us as we strive to operate in this landscape and, most importantly, you will have a happy and healthy 2022!

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