UCL Gold Package; DVD & Framed Centre Stage Photo (personalised), + Free Social Media Digital Image

Condition: New



You can order this product at any time before,during or after the Graduation Ceremonies.

This stunning presentation allows you to capture your Centre Stage memories forever. The wooden frame has a metallic finish and the UCL Logo is hand-embroidered in a complementary silver.
Your personal graduation details are also inscribed below the logo;

Included in this deal:
  • 1 Centre Stage photo (personalised as illustrated), framed and mounted in metallic finish wood frame
  • 1 DVD (Following Graduations these are of course all for delivery
  • 1 Facebook/Social Media digital image*
The complete wood-framed Centre Stage Photo is only available for delivery. However, if you live overseas, we can offer you the opportunity to collect the frame only, along with the DVD, at the graduation (Choose the "Overseas Saver Option")
We will then send you the photo and inscription separately for just our standard £3 postage costs.

If you order this product at the ceremonies, and prefer to avoid overseas postage costs, we will carry a stock** of the frames for you to take away on the day. We will then send you  the photo and inscription separately for just our standard £3 postage costs.

* The Social Media Image is emailed 2/3 weeks after the hard copy: If yours does not arrive, maybe we couldn't read your email address or it went to SPAM. Either way, drop us a mail and we will resend it!
**Subject to stock availability and whilst stocks last