UCL Special Offer: DVD & Single Centre Stage Photo (Personalised),+Free Social Media Digital Image

Condition: New



You can order this item at any time before, during or after the graduation.

Save £15 on the normal price of the DVD when you order it in combination with a single personalised Centre Stage Photo.

Included in this deal:
  • 1 DVD (Following Graduations, these are of course all for Delivery)
  • 1 Centre Stage photos (personalised as illustrated & posted 
  • 1 Facebook/Social Media digital image (emailed 2-3 weeks after the CSP is posted) ( If yours does not arrive, maybe we couldn't read your email address or it went to SPAM. Either way, drop us a mail and we will resend it!)
Our shop is located in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall or Senate House (dependent on your graduation) and you can take your DVD away on the day.