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UEL Class of 2023/24

UEL Class of 2023/24 "Chunky Zipped" Hoody


     "The Class of 2023/24 Hoody".

    • This Hoody features the UEL Logo and the Class of 2023/24 names on the reverse*. This is offered for all Graduates  who are attending their Graduation Ceremony in September or January.
    • For those unable to attend (or a graduate from previous years) we do offer the option to have your initials and subject on the front, alongside a UEL logo. This option is not available for those ordering and featured on a "Class of 23/24" product

    This is your opportunity to purchase a high quality cotton heavyweight zipped hoody that will be a fantastic reminder of your time at UEL.

    * The names on the reverse are specific to the ceremony you attend and are supplied by UEL. 

    Stock at the ceremony may be limited but all hoodies are available to be delivered on orders placed up to 2 weeks after your Graduation.


    Condition : New